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LAN on Internet is a transparent peer to peer connectivity software which makes your network applications like RDP,Net Meeting,Network Gaming applications etc to feel as if they are in the same network over internet.In other words,you can make direct Remote Desktop connection to your office PC from home computer with the invitation created from the office computer.Likewise,inviter can host a network game & invite others to join the game with the invitation file. Its main features include: No monthly subscription charges required as it uses windows inbuilt teredo service. Much faster then commercial remote access software as the connection is peer to peer. Use your existing LAN application like RDP,VNC,Windows NetMeeting,Network Game Application etc over internet as this provides global connectivity to the inviter computer with just the nickname. Connect upto 65,535 users to the inviter computer. Only trusted party with invitation file & password can connect to the inviter computer.

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